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Feeder Matrix



anim feeder matrix

ONLY measly 1.75 $ one time to join



Turn measly 1.75$ in 100 000 $!!Unique payment structure-for the first time-direct member to member at their Paypal,STP or Payza account.This makes a big difference,because as we all know the most programs come and go with our money locked by the Owners & Admins.Just think honestly for yourself and you will get the right meaning of the potential of  Feeder Matrix   

Make an wise decision now…For this offer you need

already a set up

Paypal verified account,because the FM system will delete you,if you don’t pay till 3 days.If you are done,upgrade to level 1,by paying 1.75 $ following strictly all the steps at the FM back office.It is very important to write the transaction ID of your payment,because only that way I can confirm it.


FeederMatrix is the “cash leveraging” program 
with a forced matrix structure.

The FeederMatrix uses a 4 by 4 force matrix system. That means is that your downline can contain at most of 4 levels with the “width” of each level consisting of 4 persons. Any additional referrals from you will spillover/spillunder to others in your downline (or upline). The payment plan for FeederMatrix is split into 2 stages. The payment amounts that you can send or receive depends both the stage and the level. See the diagram for further details. Each and every member joins the program at level 1 and pays directly to their inviter

Earning formula

1 stage

2 stage

As each level fills,simply upgrade to the next level with your profits.This means you literally invest only 1.75 $ out of pocket!

Those members on your 1st Tier – pay you their upgrades for Level 1 & 5
Those members on your 2nd Tier – pay you their upgrades for Level 2 & 6
Those members on your 3rd Tier – pay you their upgrades for Level 3 & 7
Those members on your 4th Tier – pay you their upgrades for Level 4 & 8

Watch the Math:

  To join me-button1


As it takes too much of time for the new members to get referrals,we provide Teambuilding-our  Team group is on facebook and after you join me and activate your account,can contact me directly on FB(just write me your FM username)-That way you will be added to our FB Group and  Team rotator.Feeder Matrix team build will make it easier for you.Our Feeder Matrix Team Build will follow the rule of the program itself where in the system you will have 4 people under you. So with team effort  Next Inline (NIL) will be implemented.What is our Team strategy?-read here.As we work together ,everyone can achieve more.Also we provide additional promotional tools as videos,text ads etc.

See some of Our WINNERS TEAM results on Facebook

WARNING: Don’t Join the Team Building  until you read this !!!
What We Require:

Where can you promote?-on TE,PTC,Safelists on social sites etc 


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5. Ray Rodriguez - December 28, 2013

Very Nice. Feeder Matrix Does work. Thanks for the opportunity
I’m making great money now. again thank you.


ezoterika1 - December 28, 2013

Thx for your comment,Ray and congrat for your positive choice!


6. John Awoga Ayoola - May 4, 2014

update me


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