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You are realizing that you are indeed beings of Love, created in Love. December 31, 2014

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[I am away from home, so no audio version of today’s message will be uploaded.]

The New Year, 2015, is nearly upon you, and I can assure you that it has some wonderful surprises in store for you!

Yes, I am being optimistic and up-beat because your task is to keep your spirits high so that you remain in the “fast lane” towards home, and one of my tasks is to assist and encourage you.  But that does not mean that I am misleading you!  I would never do that.  However, many of you are feeling disappointed and let down because it seems to you that “the event,” for which you are all waiting so enthusiastically, has at best been delayed and at worst is a delusion that you bought into because the world situation appears so grim, and because you desperately wanted and needed something uplifting and inspiring to…

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