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“Every time our unconscious is working something out, it calls into our lives the people who have within the pieces of the answer we are seeking.” – Martin Schulman, Karmic Relationships December 5, 2013

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When we are involved in a karmic relationship we feel as if we have no control over events. We often act out of character in this relationship as we are confronted with feelings from the past which we are not consciously familiar or that we are consciously aware of. There is often an underlying pattern in the relationship. The reason for the relationship usually isn’t clear until it’s over. The karmic pattern isn’t really understood until the lesson has been learned. Once the lesson is learned…the pattern ends.

There is usually something in the other person we need to learn and to grow into and incorporate into our consciousness. We need to know this about our selves in order to help us resolve a karmic problem. We attract what we need at a time in our life when we are ready to understand. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” is what karmic relationships are all about. However, this entire process of personal growth (many relationship experiences, failed jobs, friendships) may take years of forming “new” insights so that we can resolve our karmic patterns.

We reap what we sow…do unto others…the golden rule…all of that.

Can there be more than one soul mate or karmic mate?

Yes – We can..If you believe in past lives..that our soul’s have been here before..then you can believe that we have many people that we will meet up with in this lifetime that we remember on some soul level. We are meant to meet up in this lifetime to complete a task or a promise we may have made in the past. We have many lessons to learn in here and we have come into this life with many tasks to complete. Everyone we come in contact with has a message for us to learn and we also have lessons to teach. Very often we ignore the messages and people who enter our lives for a very specific purpose. We do not always know the purpose of these meetings upon first glance. Sometimes it is only after someone has left our lives that we realize what was meant to learn. Lessons aren’t always pleasant or easy. They can be painful at times.

There are many Astrological markers to show karmic or soul mate connections. There are astrological techniques I look tawords when I look at two charts to see the dynamics and past life connections ie: aspects to the Nodes of the Moon both the north and the south, Ascendant/Decendant (1st and 7th house cusps) and MC/IC axis (4th and 10th house cusps) as well as their rulers, contact to both Pluto and Chiron as well as Saturn..and we can’t forget Venus in our romantic involvements. Utilization of asteroids/transneptunians will validate and clarify other points. You can see so much in the birth chart of two people, why they have met as well as examining the chart, date time and place of the first meeting of the people or first contact. This all becomes very clear in studying the birth charts.

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