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Tips for Pinterest February 15, 2013

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ImageMore and more savvy business owners – offline & online, are using the massive power of the Internet to pull traffic to their businesses.

The latest site to take the internet by storm is Pinterest. If you haven’t heard of it, then you are definitely not paying close enough attention to internet trends. Here are just some of the things that make Pinterest a MUST HAVE tool in your marketing

  • It’s completely FREE to use
  • It’s going to keep getting BIGGER
  • It’s insanely VIRAL
  • ANYONE can use it to MAKE MONEY

1)What are the current statistics about Pinterest and some of the benefits to your business?-Watch the Video to find out

2)The sign up process gives you some things to think about prior to hitting the sign up button… that will make a huge difference later on in your marketing strategy.Watch the Video

3)Video 3 is where we optimize your profile. Don’t overlook the importance of this video. You want the most powerful information on your profile as possible, and this video will get you there. Watch the video

4)In Video 4 we will define the most important words and phrases associated with Pinterest.Watch the video

5)Video 5 introduces you to some of the more important 3rd party tools to help you in your Pinterest marketing.Watch the video

6)Video 6 covers everything about Pinboards and how to set them up properly for maximum results.Watch the video

7)Video 7 talks about the actual pinning and there are loads of tips here to help you get the maximum return on all your pinning efforts.Watch the video

8)Video 8 spells out who your target audience is by going over the demographics of Pinterest. This information is gold if you plan to use your Pinterest account for any type of niche marketing.Watch the video

9)Video 9 takes the guess work out of helping you decide what to pin. combine this info with what we covered in video 8 and your marketing efforts just got a whole lot easier 🙂Watch the Video

 10)In this video we will cover the importance of optimizing your account for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the best way to do it.Watch the video
11)Niche and Product Ideas-

If you think that Pinterest is just for women then you need to see this video. You will discover major companies that are hitting home runs with Pinterst like Home Depot and Hubspot just to name a few…Watch the Video

12)Marketing with InfoGraphics-Video 12 covers the power of Info Graphics and Pinterest. You will even discover some tips you can use when creating your own Info Graphics.Watch the Video

13)In this video, we’re going to talk about generating traffic by tripping those emotional triggers. How a simple image can make a great trigger.Watch the Video

14)Video 14 will show you what hash tags are and how to use them to generate more web traffic from your pinning efforts.Watch the Video

15)In video 15 we are going to show you how to add your own videos to pin boards and why you should consider pinning videos

to help generate web traffic.Watch the Video

16)Video 16 will detail how to properly add 3rd party affiliate links to your pinboards so Pinterest does not remove your affiliate ID. Get this wrong and you can loose money or worse – get banned from affiliate programs such as Amazon.Watch the Video

17)Video 17 is the last video in this series and here we cover everything about how to add price tags or price ribbons to your pins and how to use this tactic to pre-sell your audience.Watch the Video


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