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Запазване на фотиевата ос. Загадъчно! Бедствие на 11 август 2018? Доработка на хороскопа и други July 13, 2018

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via Запазване на фотиевата ос. Загадъчно! Бедствие на 11 август 2018? Доработка на хороскопа и други

За Любовта October 2, 2016

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Септември си отива September 30, 2016

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Как да изчислим съдбоносните години в живота си September 15, 2016

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numerologyОсланяйки се на Нумерологията, времето, също както и числата, имат не само количествени, но и качествени свойства, всяка рождена година има определено космическо значение и вибрация. Поради това има години с голяма потенциална реализация както за отделните, така и за световните съдби, има и години, които са изключително бедни на събития.Най-важните години за нас не са изпълнени непременно със събития или приключения. По-често те дават представа за вътрешните преживявания, които впоследствие довеждат до промяна в жизнения ни път.И така -как да изчислим нашите съдбоносни години :

Вземете годината на вашето раждане, определете сумата на кръст и я прибавете към годината на раждането ви. Например: Родени сте през 1965 г. Необходимо е да прибавите към 1965 редуцирания сбор на същата година. 1965 + 1+9 + 6 + 5= 1986 г. Тази година е съдбоносна за човек, роден през 1965 г. За да получим втора съдбоносна година, необходимо е да се прибави към 1986 година редуциран сбор на същата година. 1986 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 201. Тази операция можете да извършвате безкрайно много пъти. Резултатът винаги ще посочва годината, която е била вътрешна предпоставка за външното изменение на съдбата ви.  Още веднъж е нужно да подчертаем, че през тези години се появяват причините, предизвикващи решаващите събития ,но разбира се,те могат и да съвпаднат

Some Body To Love March 2, 2016

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Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Dear Body,

Hello.  I want you to know, from the deepest part of me, to the deepest part of you, I am sorry.  I haven’t been the best friend to you over the years.  My love toward you has been rather conditional.  When you felt good and looked good I could more easily love you.

 Not so much when you got sick, or hurt, or when you began showing your age!  There were so many times I worried about you, and went into gloom and doom, expecting the worst.  I didn’t realize that doing that only made things worse, that you were simply responding to my emotions.  Now I can see that you were always doing your best.  You were a loyal friend, even when I was not.  When I think of all the times I berated you, was ashamed of you, angry and disappointed in you.  Boy, if I was…

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The Council – Truth is Truth is Truth March 1, 2016

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The Council – Truth is Truth is Truth

We will address the subject of messages that arouse comments of “that was nothing new” or “that was based on the work of so and so” today. We are not attempting to judge anyone’s viewpoint. We do not do that. We are going to approach this in several ways in order to explain why the messages you receive and the teachings that you are finding are, as you may perceive, not new. In fact, we will say, if it is new, please examine it very carefully.

You are in a time of remembering things and applying things that have been known for millennia and much longer. The truth is that you are bringing forth knowledge that many of you have learned, relearned, and then learned again. You are exposing, if you will, things which have been known as true for eons.

Now, these are the sort of things that reach your dimension, your planet, through individuals that you term seers or prophets or the spiritually oriented. And the truth in that is that they really are no different in any way except in how they have chosen to live their current lifetime. And the things that they offer are true, if they are true, for all of time, forward and back, and in all places. This is the sort of truth that they usually are attempting to access.

Not all of them are successful. And not all of them intend to be. It is not usual that those who do not are very successful and then not for long. And the powers of discernment that have been on the rise are denying them even that much of an audience in these times. It is a matter of vibration and resonance. Untruth just does not feel right to you.

But a truth is a truth is a truth. It is true in French, in German or Urdu, and in every language, country, and culture. And because you are able access and align to the true being that you are, you have a baseline vibration to compare with what you are hearing, seeing, or reading. You will know it in your very bones.

Yes, it is possible still for a person to ignore that. It is still the case that many have no idea whatever about this subject, or any subject we discuss for that matter. But there can be no doubt any longer that mankind is waking up. You may now see evidence of it everywhere and every day.

So, if you see truth that is not new, know that Truth, capital T Truth, never is new. And perhaps think, ”Oh good! We’re reaching more people.” And surely hearing truth or reading truth again cannot be so bad.

The origins of the knowledge of this kind of truth on your planet are so far back in antiquity that you are not even aware there is antiquity that old. And then it was taught from somewhere and sometime in eternity. Maybe the twelfth of never? On a star far, far away. If it is true now, it was true there and then. Just remember to pass it on when your own opportunity arises.

Good day, dear friends.


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Waiting Time February 23, 2016

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The Creator Writings

In essence, your waiting time is not waiting at all. It is a growing, learning and accepting time;

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6c6c393620f8a38947b4e9f756ee7f23_500.png January 8, 2014

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Heaven indeed does have feet and hands, but they are in your shoes and gloves, dear ones. – channeled by Ron Head January 8, 2014

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Oracles and Healers

jigsaw puzzle

Michael and Raphael with the Councils of Heaven

We bear a message today regarding the speeding up of the manifestation of those concrete changes on your planet for which you have been waiting so long.  There is, at last, an over-balance reached which allows your intents, those of the ones you term lightworkers, to override more of the negative that still remains.  Therefore you will see, or are seeing, an almost daily increase in change within your societies, and even your media stories.

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SaLuSa – 1/3/2013 – Mike Quinsey January 4, 2014

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Oracles and Healers

Mike Quinsey

We join you at an exciting time as you enter the vibrations of a New Year. Across the world there is anticipation of a coming time that brings wonderful changes. They are going to be ones that will give a clear signal that a new era has got under way. Outwardly the chaos would still seem to be present, yet it is clearing to reveal long awaited changes. It is now a time of taking opportunities as they present themselves, to reveal the new way of bringing people together so that harmony can be restored. Love will become seen as the energy that will remove all traces of the old ones that have held you back for millennia of time.

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