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Friday-13 November 30, 2013

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graphics-friday-the-13th-191864Friday the 13th is regarded by many cultures as a day of bad luck. Yet few know why it is perceived so negatively.

Background on Friday

Interestingly, the only day of the week named in honor of a female or woman is Friday, named in honor of the pagan goddess Freya or Frigg.Friday is a variation of “Freya’s Day” or “Frigg’s Day”-the Norse name for Goddess Venus, who rules the day. Surprisingly, even though most people in the United States do not worship pagan gods, our calendar continues to remember and recognize them.

According to feminist researcher Barbara G. Walker, Friday is considered unlucky because of its connection to the Goddess. Please reference the following:

    “Friday …Day of the Goddess Freya, called unlucky by Christian monks, because everything associated with female divinity was so called.” Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, p. 325

Thirteen is the number of revolutions the planet Venus makes around the Sun during a sacred eight year cycle while the Earth is making eight revolutions. Thirteen is also the number of alchemical death and rebirth, and Venus has been referred to both as the “Phoenix” and the “Star of Alchemy.” By its cycles the planet reveals many secrets of the process of alchemy, as well as the path of the initiate who undergoes alchemical death and rebirth. Its manifestation as the Morning and Evening Stars represent the male-female polarity that must be united before alchemy is fully actualized. While manifesting as the Morning and Evening Stars, the planet Venus descends below the horizon at dawn for a few weeks and then ascends upwards into the heavens for some days at sunset, thus representing the death and spiritual rebirth of the initiate. As a manifestation of the reborn initiate, Venus has been called the celestial orb of Osiris and Quetzlcoatl in Egypt and Mexico, respectively. The planet’s alternating cycle as the Morning and Evening Stars ends at the conclusion of its sacred eight year cycle with the Earth, thus representing that the initiate has achieved the ultimate goal of immortality (the Arabic number eight is the symbol of Infinity).

Alchemical symbolism can be gleened within the painting by Sandro Botticelli, “The Birth of Venus.” Venus has been born from the sea after arriving from the sky as the flaming genitals of Uranus, thus representing the rebirth of the initiate following a descent to death by alchemical fire.

by: Mark Amaru Pinkham

    Mythologist Joseph Campbell taught the significance of the number 13 as it applied and related to Jesus, at least in an arcane, esoteric, or metaphysical sense.

Jesus’ 12 disciples represented a perfect circle or cipher (circle of life, 12 departments of life denoted by the Zodiac) and Jesus being the 13th person of the group denoted Jesus being outside of the circle of life, basically Jesus being in the realm of the unknown (death, the mysterious) which most people are afraid of. Jesus had to die in order to enter into the realm of the unknown. This was not an actual physical death referred to in this sense, but a death to or of a certain dimension.

ust like any other day of the year, the energy you give something will manifest itself. If you believe that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, chances are you will attract negative experiences. On the other hand, if you believe that Friday the 13th is a like any other day, you will attract positive experiences.

People get back what they send out in thought and feeling.

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