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Feeder Matrix Winners Team Strategy


The Feeder Matrix is a very simple business that only requires a ONE TIME out of pocket investment of $1.75 to get started.



You can start with one then change to the other or just stick to one – totally up to you.


When you first join, you pay $1.75 via STP (SolidTrustPay), Payza or PayPal.


Make sure you follow the directions given in your Feeder Matrix back office.  When you log in,  the system will indicate which forms of payment your sponsor accepts.  If you do not share the same payment processor, get in touch with your sponsor or with the admin team in the Facebook group who can assist you.


When you are trying to upgrade, the Feeder Matrix system will let you know if you’re upline has upgraded to that Level or not.  If they HAVEN’T please contact them directly via email and the Facebook group FIRST so that they can do this. Once they have , then you can proceed with yours J





Once you have paid and joined the Feeder Matrix via the Winners Team:










This strategy is good for those of you who are on very limited funds and need to upgrade out of profits rather than out of pocket.





Once you have paid and joined the Feeder Matrix via the Winners Team:


Level 1: As soon as you have referred at least 1 person and/or you see spillover on Level 2, you UPGRADE to Level 2.


All subsequent levels: As soon as you see spillover on each Level, you UPGRADE to that Level.


*At this stage, I would suggest upgrading no higher than Levels 4 or 5 for those who can do so comfortably, unless you have spillover on these levels.*


Why the slight change/addition in the strategy? To help you get ahead of the game and to ensure we minimize the risk of payments skipping over you! Remember, you can only receive payments for Levels that you are already upgraded to.





When we work together as a team, we will all progress a lot quicker through Stage 1 and Stage 2.  Helping those members who are on your levels but who have not achieved their 4 personal referrals is the BEST way to build a strong matrix.  Once you get through Stage 1, Stage 2 will be even quicker as the team follows you through.











Here are the total amounts that are paid to you at each Level:


Stage1 (4×4 forced matrix)

Level 1            $7

Level 2            $80

Level 3            $640

Level 4            $5120


Stage 2 (4×4 forced matrix)

Level 5            $160

Level 6            $1280

Level 7            $10,240

Level 8            $81,920


Total to be earned through all levels is a staggering $99,447.


All this from just $1.75! This is why you need to share this with ALL of your friends. A true low cost opportunity that will generate a lot of money.


The strategy is not rocket science. Anyone can do this!


Let’s get to work!




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