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Homemade paper -gift bags


2-лице 2-гръб 2-” A Breath of Sea” – Homemade paper & cardboard decorated with  fishnet,  seashells and sea sand on the front side and an indian aromatic flower on the back sidе.The tie is bast. Size-15/11.5/3

3-лице3-гръб2-Homemade paper & cardboard decorated with spray of flower on the front side/back side-white cardboard,ties- natural cord.Size-14.5/11.5/4


3-Homemade paper & cardboard decorated with rose’s leaf

and spray of flower on the front side/ the back side is painted cardboard/ tie – natural cord.Size – 14.5/11.5/3.5


4-Homemade paper & paper .The homemade paper on the front side is made with sawdust from cone as decoration.The back side is white paper/ ties-natural cord. Size small – 14/9


5-The front side is cardboard decorated with homemade paper made with grated orange peel. The back side is painted cardboard / ties – natural-flax cord. Size – 16/11/3.5


6- the homemade paper is made with spray of black elder.Size- 14 / 9 / 4,5


7- mini basket- size- 10,5 / 10,5 / 4,5

Art Homemade gift bags

All are made with monochromatic cardboard decorated  just on the front side .The ties are flax cords

2015-02-25-087   Size – 17/10.5/4



The decoration is hand painting combined with natural seashells,seaweed, sand . Size-17/11.5/2.5-sold

2015-02-25-093 Size – 17/ 11,5 / 3


This gift bag  makes exception -it’s made with  aluminum foil and looks as old silver .There is an abstract decoration on the front side.The tie is white ribbon. Size- 18/11/4

All gift bags are uniquе and in one piece If you are interested to order,pls leave a comment at the contact form to set the things.The price is from 3 till 5 euro or pounds + postage,which vary ,but is about 2 for the EU and UK .

Contact me on FB- https://www.facebook.com/mhalacheva1

Skype-ezoterika1   or via the the contavt form


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