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Just Sayin’. I remember a time… October 11, 2015

Posted by ezoterika1 in Net-marketing.

Oracles and Healers

images (3)I remember a time when something could happen in another city, another country, or on another continent without my knowing about it. I remember when it didn’t interrupt my day, I remember when it did not impinge upon my consciousness. I remember when it did not put me, or anyone around me, into a state of fear.

I am not saying, at all, that we should not be concerned with the welfare of others. Of course we should. What I am saying is that it is time for us to take back our control over our emotional lives and realize that if we look around us we will see that by far the greatest number of us are not threatened at all by things that occur so far away.

It is never comfortable to witness an event that has endangered or even ended another life. But if we can…

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