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Within the illusion nothing is constant. January 2, 2015

Posted by ezoterika1 in Net-marketing.

Jesus through John

[I’m still away from home, so no audio, John.]

The New Year, 2015, has arrived.  Another demonstration of time in motion, movement on a linear scale that is quite unreal but which, nevertheless, seems very real to you.  You, the human collective, made time one of the major limitations of the illusion when you constructed it, and it seems quite impossible to you that you could exist without it.  You have become addicted to its seemingly constant and uninterruptible flow.  And at the same time every single one of you experiences it differently, so although you think of it as a constant it most certainly is not.

Within the illusion nothing is constant, nothing stays the same, all that is constant is change, and that constant change is volatile, erratic!  You have all had experiences where time seemed to speed up or slow down.  It does not, as there is…

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