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Tara’s positive thought September 20, 2014

Posted by ezoterika1 in Net-marketing.


We all dream of a perfect life, with no pitfalls, no setbacks, no worries at all… A nice dream, isn’t it? But alas, reality is sometimes different from this idyllic image. That’s why I want to tell you a little secret that helps me every day: The main thing in life is not having no more problems, but knowing how to resolve them.

Every day, do your best. That in itself will bring you great personal satisfaction. No matter what the results of your actions are, be satisfied, even if your progress is minimal, or even if you don’t obtain what you want most from your current efforts.

Even when that happens never show your disappointment, if you acted with conviction, doing everything you could to achieve your ends and your goals. Sometimes an intention is more important than an action.

If there’s nothing to reproach yourself for about your intentions, don’t feel in the least guilty or annoyed with yourself. Always maintain your calm and be patient. That’s the most effective way to construct a positive attitude for yourself.
Next time, you will succeed. Do all you can to achieve your goal, and keep modesty top of mind.

The wind will change, and then you’ll feel like you’ve crossed an important threshold. You won’t see things the same way. Nothing will be the same, and you won’t regret anything, as all efforts are accomplished.
In all devotion,



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