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How to Listen … August 18, 2014

Posted by ezoterika1 in Net-marketing.

The Intuition Page - the Old Man on the Bench


Because I am always on the path of becoming a more enlightened individual, I am interacting with many others who are also searching for the their meaning on this planet – and are hoping to find their Life purpose.

I have found my Life purpose. It’s not always so easy.

I’ve recently had one of my best friends state : I’m not sure if I really believe in the Multiverses and Guides … I have not yet seen a huge a-ha moment convincing me that they’re with me ….

I stopped and smiled. Waited for my own Guide to whisper in my ear – and I answered her this. ** Really – what other choice do you have but TO believe ? ** I made a physical depiction of her – on my huge table – as a little dot. I told her: this is YOU – working right now…

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