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Frequency Update – TLO thru Andrew Martin January 19, 2014

Posted by ezoterika1 in esoteric, health, society, spirituality.

Oracles and Healers


Greetings Dear Ones!

We wish to offer an update today on the energies and frequencies in and around yourselves and Earth at this time.

Many of you are now in the final stages of integrating your other selves and are truly the embodiment of the higher frequencies that have been washing over lovely Earth in wave after wave after wave! You truly have left no stone unturned within yourselves and have done great work with much clarity of heart and bravery in shining the Light upon all that yearned to be transformed within you.

As Above So Below speaks as a metaphor for many things. This is also a great representation of the transformation that has been occurring within your magical physical vessels. We have spoken to you about everything being a microcosm of another pattern. The universe truly is built upon sacred geometry and before the higher frequencies could…

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